Mallika Mathur-Lhéritier, directeur de la transformation de RCI Bank and Services

Mallika Mathur-Lhéritier

Chief Transformation Officer - VP, Group Sustainability

Born in 1976, Mallika Mathur Lhéritier started her career in New York, in 2000, as an analyst at the US bank Bank of Merrill Lynch, then in 2003 at the Royal Bank of Scotland, in the structured asset financing division for North America. She then continued her career in North America and Europe for 11 years, with the HSBC Group, alternating between positions in Toronto, Paris and London, where she became a Director in the Global Banking Markets division.

In 2017, she joined Accenture's Sydney practice as a Talents and Organization Manager helping clients to think through topics such as the Future of Work. In 2019, she joined Ernst & Young in Kuwait, where she became a consultant in the advisory practice working on strategy, digital and corporate transformation. She is currently finishing up her EMBA, specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship at HEC Paris, having obtained an undergraduate degree from Tufts University, USA.

On September 1, 2020, Mallika Mathur Lhéritier joins RCI Banque S.A, the group which operates under the commercial brand Mobilize Financial Services since May 10th 2022, as Chief Transformation Officer, becoming a member of the Executive Committee.

Comité exécutif

João Leandro, directeur général de RCI Bank and Services
João Leandro
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