On the first day, the participants had just one minute to convince the audience by presenting a new product or service envisioned to improve the customer experience. After all of the participants voted, 29 ideas were selected and the same number of teams were formed.

During the second day, 30 mentors from the company or the start-up ecosystem gave advice and questioned the participants to ensure that the idea was in line with customer expectations, assess their business model and help them pivot[1] their idea if necessary.

spark 2 2019

On the third day, the 29 teams pitched in front of juries made up of member of the Group’s top management as well as external juries comprising startup founders. The projects were assessed using six criteria: business interest, project feasibility, degree of innovation, the match with the company’s local and global strategy, the quality of the pitch, and the creation of a prototype.


And now? Each winning project will have the opportunity to be trialed within the RCI Bank and Services ecosystem. With this second edition of SPARK by RCI Bank and Services, nearly 10% of our employees have already been trained in new agile working methods.


[1] pivot = to review a concept according to the business model and customer expectations