Online financing is offered to Renault, Dacia, and Nissan customers whether they are purchasing a new or used vehicle. After configuring the vehicle of their choice at the dealership, they can apply for a loan directly on an iPad, choosing the financing options best suited to them: the down-payment amount, the monthly payments, the length of the loan… everything can be personalized. If they wish, they can also add services such as a maintenance contract and warranty extension.

After the contract is signed online, if the customer’s application meets all the requirements, the loan is approved in less than a minute. If customers have any questions, they can contact customer service by live chat online or by telephone. 

Simple and fast, the service has already won over many customers in the Netherlands. So what’s next? Starting sometime in 2018, every step of the purchase – the choice of the vehicle, the financing, and the services – will take place online. Only the delivery of the vehicle will happen at the dealership.