What initiatives are you taking to focus more closely on your customers in Spain?

To launch offers and services that correspond more closely to their expectations, we have rolled out a system to monitor and actively listen to what our customers have to say. Using the social media and their customised spaces, we collect and analyse all of our customers’ comments and commit to responding to any questions they may have. To supplement our analysis, we also led three satisfaction surveys as part of the Voice of the Customer programme coordinated by the Corporate teams at RCI Bank and Services. Lastly, we have reorganised our Customer Care department teams for the optimal and personalized monitoring of each one of our customers.

Actively listening to their expectations and rolling out customized services are both vital to forging the trust and loyalty of our customers.

And in the future? What kind of services will you be launching to enhance the experience of your customers?

In Spain, we have chosen to broaden our communication resources with our customers to offer them the most suitable channel for each one of their operations. We will notably be favouring dialogue via text messaging and WhatsApp, for example to notify them that their contract is being finalised or inform them of a change in regulation that requires action on their part. But it is also important to monitor the relationship on a customised basis. From now on, each customer contacting our call centre is handled by a single advisor. And customers will soon be able to see their advisor, as we are launching video calls to create a closer relationship.  We are also going to introduce mobile signatures. Our sales staff will visit customers directly with a tablet for them to sign their contract. This innovation will make life easier for fleet customers in particular. Remote signatures will enable customers to finalise the implementation of their contract via a simple code received by text message or email.