100% online offers for peer-to-peer used car sales

With the support of DIAC, Carizy now offers the same financing solutions as those available in the network of carmaker dealerships. From the home page, customers of the Carizy website can directly access a DIAC financing simulator for any car listed on the Carizy website, regardless of its brand, with a first-time user offer based on monthly payments.

Once they have selected a car, the customer can use the DIAC financing simulator, which is fully integrated into the Carizy website. They can personalize the financing offer by adjusting various criteria to suit their budget. Then, in a few clicks, they can receive an immediate response based on the information provided.

The user can then upload their documentary proof and subscribe to a financing contract and car insurance with an electronic signature in a DIAC secure area. Once the car has been delivered, the customer can manage their contract online via Connect, the DIAC customer space.

Carizy, a trusted partner to conquer the peer-to-peer used car market

Carizy, a start-up created in 2015 and purchased by Groupe Renault in 2018, has positioned itself as a trusted third party on the peer-to-peer used car market.

Carizy ensures the security of transactions between individual customers, both buyers and sellers, without requiring users to leave home: estimation of vehicle cost, control of the vehicle at the user's home by an independent inspector, publication of the sale announcement, guaranteed repairs, ensured security of the financial transaction, management of administrative formalities, organization of the sale, delivery to the buyer's home address. With DIAC services, Carizy is reaching a new milestone by enriching its offer for individual customers.

This partnership with Carizy underscores our expertise in financing offers and services dedicated to used cars, and our effective use of digital tools at all stages of the customer journey.

Managing Director of DIAC