90% of customers having taken out an Easy Pack offer in 2015 intend to renew it.

The digital customer journey has become vital, as demonstrated by the DIAC and Nissan Finance Clubs. Through these clubs, the rate of customer operations carried out on line has reached 30%, having more than doubled in one year. They bring our customers a positive experience. They can access online services and special offers from partners in a single space, all with a high-quality customer journey. These clubs have already attracted 120,000 regular visitors out of a total portfolio of 500,000, which leaves us with plenty of room for progress. In 2018 we will continue to move forward on digital technology, particularly for the network, which plays a key role in the customer experience. We will be launching a site containing videos and sales tutorials on our offers, a portal summarising our business relationship and a mobile app for sending salespeople information on our latest promotions in real time.