What are your customers’ expectations in terms of experience in Brazil and how do you meet them?

Our customers are looking for greater simplicity (less paper, fewer documents) and greater flexibility (personalized approach, 24-7 replies) throughout their relationship with us. This is why we are developing a digital strategy to meet their expectations in an efficient way and to better identify their future needs.


What initiatives have you rolled out to boost the attention paid to customers?

One of the first things we did was start listening to our customers on the online complaint site, reclameaqui.com.br. This helped us to improve our services through an understanding of their problems. Also, we now address the dissatisfactions of customers that we were unaware of through conventional channels.

Through the quality of our responses and monitoring, we have obtained one of the best customer ratings in the sector of automotive financing companies. 

A more recent initiative is the sending of welcome videos to customers a few days after the start of their financing contract. Each customer receives a video where we address them directly using their name. We have received excellent feedback on these videos. They help us to explain to customers the conditions of their contract in a simple and fun way and promote the functionalities of our customer space.


And tomorrow? What new services to continue to improve the experience of your customers?

After the launch of an online acceptance module with the KWID sales site, our main project for 2018 is the 100% online purchase of a car loan. Since May, we have reduced the amount of information needed to subscribe a credit to only 6. In addition, we will test in 2018 the electronic signature, chatbots but also new communication channels with our customers such as Whatsapp or messaging social networks.