As part of a nationwide insurance promotion of Renault Versicherungs-Service, ZOE and TWINGO Electric customers benefit from fully comprehensive insurance for €29.60 per month until 31 December 2021 including:

  • Third party liability insurance
  • Partial cover insurance
  • Self-inflicted accidents, vandalism, and damages with hit-and-run
  • No deductible in case of glass breakage,
  • Liability insurance covers for rental car in other European countries

In addition to these elements, the risks specific to electric vehicles are covered, including the battery, short-circuit, charging cable and adapter.

RCI Bank and Services Germany has therefore teamed up with two local insurance partners to provide this customised product. The aim is to fulfil the needs of our customers who want to be able to drive with a free mind thanks to a global insurance suited to the specificities of electric vehicles.

All over the world, alternative drive options are currently changing, electro mobility is getting more important. For RCI Bank and Services Germany it is very important to meet customer expectations with innovative and needs-based insurance offers.

Marketing Director, RCI Bank and Services Germany