Renault Easy Lease: how does it work?

A 100% digital, simplified journey for quick and easy long-term rental from the Renault sales website. This new rental offer, built with the Renault dealer network and available exclusively to private customers

  • On the customer can choose his CLIO or CAPTUR model from the car catalog made available by Renault Italia, then simulate the rental monthly payment and put it in the basket.
  • Then the customer can open an account, choose which dealership he wants the car to be delivered to.
  • The Renault website then allows him to compile his file, make the recognition of his identity (through videocall or with a bank transfer of 0,01€), and finally sign the rental application. 
  • Once the file accepted, the car will leave the Renault Italia central stock for delivery to the chosen dealer.

What if there is a problem or a doubt? The customer platforms of Renault Italy and Es Mobility will be available via chat, web form and telephone to answer the various questions that the customer may have throughout his journey.

For his launch, RCI Bank and Services has designed a special offer for its launch: CLIO 279 € per month and CAPTUR 299 € per month for 36 months and 30,000 km, with a full-service coverage: warranty, maintenance, full insurance, road assistance and taxes.