Launched anew at the end of 2017 following a close collaborative effort with RCI Bank and Services, the Karhoo platform is now integrated in the majority of dispatch tools[1] (also known as dispatch management systems) in the French and UK markets. Thanks to these partnerships, Karhoo now counts over 70,000 connected vehicles on its taxi and PHV booking platform in France and the UK alone.

Since returning to the market, Karhoo has formed an increasing number of partnerships with dispatch tools. The start-up has signed agreements with Tessa, Axygest, Yuso and AppSolu in France and Autocab, Cab Guru, Haulmont, iCabbi and Magenta Technology in the UK. With over 130 taxi and PHV partner fleets across France, for a little over 20,000 vehicles, and 300 fleets and 50,000 vehicles in the UK, Karhoo now stands as one of the biggest platforms dedicated to passenger transport in the two countries.

Considerable choice for users and extra revenue for fleets

Users now have access to one of the leading taxi and PHV networks on the market when booking a ride. Meanwhile, all the taxi and PHV fleets integrated in Karhoo will now benefit from the increased visibility and additional business provided by the platform.

Today, some 270,000 vehicles are available on the Karhoo platform worldwide. The start-up’s geographical and sales development is part of RCI Bank and Services’ ambition to support Groupe Renault strategy on the new mobility services.


[1] A technological tool used by urban transport firms to manage their reservations, assign rides to their drivers in real time and optimize their vehicle routes, thereby simplifying fleet management.