Opportunities to introduce electric vehicles

80% of respondents expressed willingness to buy an electric vehicle, as they consider it to be a solution that can help reduce air pollution. 73% think charging an electric vehicle costs less than using fossil fuels. The study shows that adoption of electric vehicles is feasible, thanks to the positive perceptions.

Nissan étude mobilités Amérique latine

Autonomous vehicles

54% of Latin Americans expressed a positive opinion of autonomous vehicles, mainly regarding how these may help improve mobility and safety on the streets of Latin American cities. 58% believe autonomous vehicles would improve mobility in their cities, and 6 out of 10 believe trips in such vehicles would be much more comfortable. 70% believe accidents could be reduced with autonomous vehicles; 72% said accidents would also be less severe. Finally, 64% said they would be willing to acquire an autonomous vehicle if the cost was similar to that of a traditional vehicle.

These results show a positive acceptance level to the degree that such technologies may contribute positively to air quality, commuting times and road safety.

Nissan étude mobilités Amérique latine

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