The launch is part of the initiative to digitalize the tools provided to customers with a view to better responding to their expectations.

Intended for corporate fleet drivers, Lizy has been available since early March at Android and Apple app stores.


Lizy, a comprehensive user-friendly app

The free app replaces and upgrades “Mémo Conducteur”, which until now was available in paper format and included a range of information such as telephone numbers for assistance, insurance and claims management, and information on fuel, electric vehicles, and so on.

Lizy is available to the 400,000 customer drivers of Diac Location or Overlease.


How does Lizy – a “chatbot” for fleets – work?

Lizy is an automated system (100% autonomous) that answers all the questions business fleet drivers may have on their vehicle, from delivery to return, and notably in the event of accidents, the loss of keys, fires, breakdown and theft.

Lizy is a smart app that will be upgraded over time and learn from its contact with customers so as to better respond to their needs. And if ever a question proves too complicated, an operator will take charge!