a 100% digital path for the customer

Since the launch of the electric Megane E-Tech, customers have been able to finance and purchase the vehicle from A to Z from the comfort of their couch, via a totally digital e-commerce path designed by Mobilize Financial Services with the Renault brand. This digital path includes a financing simulator, the signature of the financing contract, the uploading of supporting documents for the financing file.

In France, Spain, Italy and Germany, customers can configure the entire vehicle they order online on the Renault website, before the vehicle is manufactured, an innovation in the selection of vehicles offered. 

a financing package for Megane E-tech electric, for peace of mind

Mobilize Financial Services offers comprehensive leasing packages for this new vehicle, with competitive leasing rates. For a leasing that varies according to the country, the version and the options chosen by the customer, we offer in most countries a reinsurance package:

  • 3 years’ warranty and assistance,
  • 8 years’ battery warranty and assistance in case of battery problems,
  • 5 years' membership to get the most out of OpenRlink and its associated services,
  • and Mobilize Charge Pass.
  • As an option, customers can also add service contracts for maintenance and wear and tear, for example.

access to charging, at home and in public networks with Mobilize Visa Card and Mobilize Charge Pass

Whether at home or in public charging networks, with Mobilize Visa Card and Mobilize Charge Pass, the customer can charge his vehicle with complete peace of mind.

In France, with the Mobilize Visa Card, customers can finance the installation of their home charging solution provided by Mobilize Power Solutions. Once the recharging facility is installed at the customer's premises, the customer pays for it with the Mobilize Visa Card in cash or on credit (over 36 months).

Mobilize Visa Card is also the first credit card in France that allows you to recharge your electric vehicle on public network of charging stations. Thanks to the dual-chip NFC and RFID technology, it replaces the Mobilize Charge Pass, which gives access to the public charging network.

Mobilize Charge Pass is both an application and an access card to public charging stations, offered with New Megane E-Tech electric. The driver can view directly, in the application, the location of public charging stations and their availability and check their compatibility (charging power and type of plug).

With Mobilize Charge Pass, the customer charges his vehicle and pays with complete peace of mind. A single card is enough to recharge in 25 countries. It gives access to more than 260,000 charging points in Europe, including 36,000 public charging stations in France. Very high-power charging stations in the IONITY network, available on the highways, are also included in the pass, with subscriptions at preferred rates.The offer is also suited to business customers and fleet managers, with Mobilize Business Pass, which includes monthly invoices sent directly to the company.

travelling by internal combustion vehicle or hybrid vehicle with Switch Car

In several countries, Megane E-Tech electric customers can also choose to benefit from the Switch Car service. This service allows them to have another vehicle with unlimited mileage for occasional requirements, such as longer distance trips, vacations or weekends, at a more competitive rate as compared to using a car leasing agency.

The Switch Car service addresses one of the barriers to switching to electric vehicles and facilitates access to more sustainable mobility for all. Having already been offered in France, Spain and Italy, Switch Car is gradually being rolled out in Germany and Belgium, to coincide with the launch of Megane E-Tech.