Mobilize Fleet Connect, a connected fleet management service for corporate customers

Mobilize Fleet Connect provides a complete connected mobility management platform for businesses. It also enables them to reduce costs and pave the way for more sustainable mobility.

It is available in 3 different packages:

  • Basic: it includes service-related financial data, vehicle and asset data, and contract and service data.
  • Easy: it also includes a digital service, telematics and vehicle geolocation. Multi-brand fleet lifecycle management with an analysis service on the transition to electric vehicles is included.
  • Plus: a carpooling/sharing service is added to all this, as well as activity planning management with optimized journeys.

Today, Mobilize Fleet Connect is available in Spain, Morocco, Italy and Portugal. Similar solutions exist in France (Mobilize Fleet Connect - IRIS Live) and Brazil (Op Lease Fleet 100% connected). It will soon be available in other countries (UK, Colombia).

how does it work for fleet managers?

With the native connectivity of Renault or Dacia vehicles, or via a connected box to be installed in the vehicle, raw data can be retrieved by a solution named Mobilize Fleet Data.  

This data is then transmitted to the Mobilize Fleet Connect platform, which is accessible via web and mobile applications. With just a few clicks, fleet managers and drivers can easily access their vehicle data and services.  

This solution is the result of cooperation between the teams of Renault Service International and Mobilize Financial Services, with the support of Optimum Automotive on the development of Mobilize Fleet Connect.  

As Renault Group and Nissan vehicle connectivity has reached a complete state of range coverage, the Mobilize Fleet Connect service platform accelerates its implementation and market footprint. This is clearly a key business priority as we move forward with our operational leasing offensive.

Head of Connected Services

Mobilize Fleet Connect will support responsible driving at "La Course du cœur"

As an official partner, Renault will take part in “La course du cœur", a symbolic foot race in teams of 14 runners taking turns between Paris and the high mountain resort of Les Arcs, which will take place from March 22 to 26, 2023. This race is organized to address organ donation. 

Renault will provide 70 of its vehicles to accompany the runners. Volunteers and teams driving Renault vehicles will be encouraged to drive in an eco-friendly and responsible manner, using the Mobilize Fleet Connect platform. The objective is to change the driving behavior of volunteers through gamification, by consuming less, being more responsible in the use of the vehicle and demonstrating that eco-driving does not waste time.  

The most responsible drivers will be rewarded.