In mid-2017, Kakao Bank introduced vehicle loans, using just a mobile phone. Kakao has therefore become a gateway of key importance. Adapting to this new environment, RCI Financial Services Korea set up its own Kakao page at the end of 2017. A good way to generate qualified traffic to the website, since visitors are pre-identified by their Kakao profile.

With more than 80% of the country connected to Kakao, it was essential for RCI Bank and Services to be present on this app.

To keep pace with new practices in South Korea, RCI Financial Services Korea plans to fully digitize its customer relations. In October 2017, the subsidiary launched an online contract service for new and used vehicles. So what’s the next step? In 2018, RCI Financial Services Korea plans to launch a dedicated text-based chatbot to answer the questions most frequently raised by customers. The subsidiary also plans to develop an online system of acceptance based on customer identification via Kakao or on voice recognition, a system popular with South Koreans.