Automotive mobility is a fast-changing sector. Car-sharing, connected vehicles, in-car means of payment: digital technology is having a considerable impact on the needs and habits of individuals and businesses alike. To involve all its employees in its transformation, RCI Bank and Services organized an international competition on the theme of improving customer experience through digital innovation. This initiative, called “Start Me Up,” was a big success. More than 500 ideas were submitted, and four projects will be launched in the next few months.


How can services to improve customer experience be imagined and created? Many companies are relying on external partners like start-up incubators, investment funds, universities, and top business and engineering schools. Encouraging employees to express their ideas is also essential. Some are in daily contact with customers and know what they expect. RCI Bank and Services therefore decided to profit from their direct knowledge by organizing a competition open to all employees, regardless of their home country or position in the company. The idea was to have them propose new services based on digital technology that would enhance the experience of Renault-Nissan Alliance customers. This theme turned out to be very inspiring, as around 500 ideas were submitted by some 200 employees in 20 countries. This success proves that many employees want to contribute to the group’s transformation by coming up with ideas on strategic issues.


Employees get a hand to carry out their projects

The eleven finalists received coaching from a firm specialized in supporting start-up companies, which showed them how to work in agile mode and how to present their idea in seven minutes. Today the four winners selected by the Executive Committee of RCI Bank and Services are testing their new services with proofs of concept (POC)[1] before they are deployed on a larger scale. To allow them to work full-time on their projects, the four ‘intrapreneurs’ are on leave from their usual jobs.

Besides launching new, innovative services, a competition like this one creates a feeling among employees of being part of the company. It encourages communication among them and gives them the opportunity to express themselves and be heard. Maybe this is one of the key to getting everyone involved in the company’s transformation.


[1]  The realization of a method or idea on a reduced scale, for a short period, to demonstrate its feasibility.