With its new position on the Chair’s management and steering committees, RCI Bank and Services will help define the Chair's vision, direction, and activity programs. The three-year sponsorship will also bring the group into contact with international talent and members of the ESCP-Europe network, in order to meet tomorrow's mobility challenges today.


Created in 2007 by ESCP-Europe and Ernst & Young, the Chair of Entrepreneurship, recently renamed the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute after the inventor of the term “entrepreneur”, aims to train its students to adopt a lifelong entrepreneurial attitude, which requires a continuing willingness to question one's achievements, build bridges between key players, and bounce back after every failure.

This position reflects the ethos of RCI Bank and Services. Indeed, in response to the rapid changes in consumer usage of Alliance brands, RCI Bank and Services has adapted its practices to offer new mobility services to customers. To do this, the group has invested in start-ups created by entrepreneurs that are experts in their specific fields, and has promoted agile and innovative working methods among its employees. Twice a year, for instance, the company organizes SPARK, a three-day program inspired by start-up hackathons, encouraging its employees to develop their teamwork skills and intrapreneurial spirit by turning ideas into actual projects. By the end of 2018, more than 300 employees will have benefited from SPARK – an experience that RCI Bank and Services plans to provide to students in the future.


Drawing on an external ecosystem for an entirely customer-focused approach

Through this collaboration, RCI Bank and Services will gain access to a vast reserve of talent capable of conceptualizing the mobility services of the future. The group will be able to draw on the experiences of an increasingly connected and ambitious generation, and develop mobility solutions that meet their needs as closely as possible.

RCI Bank and Services will also collaborate more broadly with ESCP-Europe. For instance, MBA International Management students will work on a Company Consultancy Project related to a development challenge for the group.


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