The EFR certification granted by the Masfamilia Foundation recognizes organizations that participate in the development of a new business culture by implementing a management model that promotes a work/life balance based on flexibility, respect, and commitment.

RCI Bank and Services España has undertaken a number of measures such as promoting remote working, allowing for flexible hours, guaranteeing free health insurance for all, encouraging ongoing training, etc. with the aim of boosting motivation, recognition, and the commitment of employees in their working environment.

The audit carried out on October 13 and 14, 2020 examined key indicators of work/life balance and the diversity of profiles within the company. The auditor also conducted random individual interviews with employees to measure their satisfaction. Following the audit, the Masfamilia Foundation granted the highest level of EFR certification to RCI Bank and Services España.

Our Spanish subsidiary had already obtained this certification in 2014, which has been renewed every two years until now. The company’s ongoing work to improve quality of life at work has allowed it to renew this award, joining 32 other international companies certified at the highest level.