"Certificado de depósito bancário": an attractive savings offer

Simple, effective, and secure, this new offer from Banco RCI Brasil[2] features the same advantages as the other savings products proposed by RCI Bank and Services elsewhere in the world. With a one-day CDI (interbank certificate of deposit rate) of 102%, the certificates of deposit proposed by Banco RCI Brasil are among the most competitive in the market. The minimum deposit is R$1,000, and the certificates are available at any time with no fees, notice period, or other restrictions.

The deposits collected will help finance car loans approved for customers and dealerships of the Alliance brands, and will be used to support their growth on the Brazilian market.


An enhanced customer experience with a 100% digital offer

An account can be opened with a simple and fully digital service in just ten minutes. After providing personal ID and professional information on the website www.bancorci.com.br or with the special CDB – Banco RCI[3] app, customers receive an email with a password enabling them to open their account. Once Banco RCI Brasil has validated their bank details, they can make deposits that will be transferred to their bank certificate of deposit. They can check their balance at any time and carry out transactions on their account directly with their app or on the website.

The launch of this 100% online savings offer reflects the commitment of RCI Bank and Services to provide all its customers with a simple and seamless customer journey thanks to digital technology.

"The first finance company to propose a 100% online deposit collection offer in the Brazilian market, RCI Bank and Services shows once again that it is an innovative bank ready to respond to its customers' needs. The launch of our savings business in Brazil is part of our refinancing diversification strategy aimed at supporting the Alliance brands' growth," comments Bruno Kintzinger, Chief Executive Officer of RCI Bank and Services.


[1] Certificado de depósito bancário : titre nominatif privé émis par une institution financière pour se refinancer.

[2] Filiale de RCI Bank and Services au Brésil.

[3] Disponible sur Apple ou Android.

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RCI Bank and Services has rolled out a deposits collection business in four countries since 2012. At end-December 2018, net collected deposits totaled €15.9 billion, or 34% of the company's assets.


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