Taking a customer-centered approach, our Moroccan subsidiary aims to facilitate the choices and decision-making of its customers and to optimize its customer relations.

In order to optimally adapt to the needs of its customers, RCI Finance Maroc has implemented a financing simulator called "Virtual Salesperson". This tool allows customers of Renault and Dacia to simulate a purchase remotely in order to facilitate their decision-making.

How? Thanks to a streamlined customer journey, the customers need only to log in to one of the RCI Maroc and Renault Commerce Maroc websites. In only two minutes, they can choose their car's brand and model, the financing formula (with or without rate according to the down payment and duration selected), with or without a maintenance contract and a range of other options.


visuel simulateur

What are the initial results ?

After two months of rollout online, the tool has met with great success: more than 64,000 simulations, more than 12,000 potential customers, an average of 5.1 simulations by potential customers, 601 sales offers communicated to customers and nearly 150 sales completed.

Easier sales thanks to the digital channel

Today, the customer decision-making process is nearly finished in advance of the dealership visit: in the last two years, the average number of pre-purchase showroom visits fell from 4 to 1.4, and 86% of buyers of new vehicles logged in to Virtual Salesperson during their purchasing journey.