In December 2019, Dacia Care went live in Denmark, a brand-new e-shop, built and locally developed by Renault Finance Nordic in order to sell services contracts online to customers. The first offer launched online is full maintenance contracts on monthly payment for Dacia.

The first objective was to give a solution for customers who don't want to go back to the dealership to subscribe for a service contract. Until now, customers were only able to purchase Dacia Care at the dealership but now they can buy it by themselves online in 3 just minutes.

Dacia Care e-shop: how does it work?

Today Danish customers owning a Dacia not older than 8 months are able to purchase Dacia Care full maintenance contract in this e-shop .

One entry point: the registration number.

  • 1: Enter your registration number
  • 2: Validate correct vehicle
  • 3: Select desired mileage and duration
  • 4: Enter personal information and sign

What if the customer misses his registration number? No problem, a simulation function to present the price based on the model range of Dacia exists.

Dacia Care e-shop is able to provide an accurate pricing based on model, engine, gearbox, test protocol, duration and mileage.

Then, the electronic signature is made so customers can subscribe on their smartphone instantly.

The offer is pushed through the Dacia website on banner and on the maintenance site.

What are the benefits for customers?

An online platform allows the customer to sign a maintenance contract from the sofa even after picking up the new car. It builds a new channel for Dacia and its network of dealers to increase customer loyalty. Furthermore, giving customers which didn’t sign a maintenance contract at the dealership a second chance to reconsider and sign a Dacia Care for easy ownership. 

After 1 month, the results are already there: 30% of Dacia Care sales in January was done through the e-shop.

We have placed the first brick to create a seamless digital customer journey for our customers in the Nordic 

Insurance & Services Director