Iris: fully independent fleet management thanks to a 100% customizable portal

To support corporate customers who are looking for integrated digital solutions to manage their vehicle fleet, DIAC Location and Overlease have designed Iris: a new portal that allows them to manage their fleet based on their activity. As well as day-to-day monitoring of contracts at an operational and administrative level, the customer area offers in-depth fleet analysis and the ability to take out new services, manage drivers and receive tax and technical information online. The portal is available across all digital platforms. Customers are able to select which data they want to track.  Iris is free with the first contract and remains active until three years after the expiry of the last contract.


Iris Live: optimize vehicle use via telematics data

Using information shared via telematics units, Iris Live gives fleet managers a comprehensive overview of their fleets based on the data they select. For example, they can access data on when vehicles are used, the distance traveled, actual fuel consumption, real-time mechanical alerts and vehicle geolocation.

Iris Live reflects the desire shared by both Renault Parc Entreprises, DIAC Location and Overlease to offer solutions that meet all of their customers’ requirements. For this reason, three levels of Iris Live are available:

  • Iris Live activity to monitor fleet activity and maintenance, available at €9.90 excluding tax per vehicle per month.
  • Iris Live eco-driving to increase drivers’ awareness of eco-friendly driving, available at €10.90 excluding tax per vehicle per month.
  • Iris Live geolocation to optimize each vehicle’s routes and journeys, available at €11.90 excluding tax per vehicle per month.


With the launch of Iris and Iris Live, our corporate customers now benefit from digital solutions to manage their fleets’ activity in real time. Thanks to telematics data, fleet managers can also encourage safer driving or improve their vehicles’ routes, thus optimizing their costs”, said Vincent Hauville, deputy managing director of DIAC Location and assistant managing director of Renault Parc Entreprises.

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About Renault Parc Entreprises

Renault Parc Entreprises is an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) created in 2001 by Renault with its financing subsidiary DIAC. RPE offers a comprehensive range of Renault and Dacia passenger and commercial vehicles that are designed to meet the professional needs of its business customers (tradespeople, traders, very small businesses, SMEs, local government, administrative departments, public services and hire companies), and also provides innovative financing and service solutions.

About DIAC Location - Overlease

Incorporated into Renault Parc Entreprises, DIAC Location offers vehicle fleet management, long-term leasing and service solutions to businesses. With a total managed fleet of almost 400,000 vehicles, DIAC Location is a major player in the long-term leasing sector in the French market.