100% online financing subscriptions for Renault and Dacia

Renault Shop and Dacia Shop provide 100% online financing subscription journeys for new vehicles on the Renault and Dacia websites.

Customers can now order a new vehicle in stock and choose to finance it via leasing with purchasing option, or credit, with (or without) insurance. They can fully complete and sign their application online via a secure subscription area where they can upload the documentary proof requested and electronically sign their contract. They can have their vehicle delivered at home or in a dealership.

Customers looking for used vehicles can take advantage, too, since 100% online financing is also available on the SOFA website, developed by RRG in partnership with DIAC.

This digitalized customer journey complements the traditional journey in a dealership. Teams have worked to allow DIAC to more closely meet the needs of its customers and increase their satisfaction.

CTO, France