In July 2018, RCI Bank and Services launched the new “extra driver” micro insurance for customers in Germany. With this innovative, more flexible service, customers can lend their car to another person not listed on their vehicle insurance contract. This new service was built and developed by an employee finalist in one of our intrapreneurial competitions.


Through this micro insurance, RCI Banque Germany is able to provide all customers with specific insurance tailored to their circumstances. Customers can take out a policy online at They can now protect targeted aspects of their daily lives with a short-term contract whenever they need to do so. Customers have the choice of three types of covers: basis, plus and premium.


This new service was designed, built and developed by one of the finalists in Start Me Up, an international competition organised by RCI Bank and Services on the topic of digital innovation for a better customer experience.


This is the first insurance of its type to be offered by RCI Bank and Services. The launch of the new service reflects the company’s ambitions to develop financing and services that closely reflect the changing of the customer’s needs.