Flexibility, security, innovation. The key advantages of the balloon loan[1] have attracted numerous motorists in Europe. RCI Financial Services Korea recently rolled out this type of financing with SMART. And the new offer has proved a big success, with its relatively low monthly rates and payments for the South Korean market having won over large numbers of Renault Samsung Motors customers.


RCI Financial Services Korea, the South Korean subsidiary of RCI Bank and Services, launched SMART in October 2016. The new offer is a first in the country and inspired by the lease financing offer in France. It features a low monthly rate of 3.9% and payments up to half those of conventional car loans. New Car Replacement Program insurance is also included, enabling customers to replace their car with a new one in the event of damage amounting to over 30% of the initial car price for a one-year period.



The new offer has proved particularly successful with under-30s, whose purchasing power is lower than that of over-30s. The former age group accounts for 20% of SMART customers, some six points higher than for regular car loans.

SM6 financing contracts have increased 27% overall, while QM3 contracts practically doubled in fourth-quarter 2016. The aim now is to win the loyalty of as many of these new customers as possible before their leasing period comes to an end.


A customer-centric approach consistent with RCI Bank and Services strategy

The SMART offer developed by RCI Financial Services Korea responds to the expectations of South Korean customers looking for a prestigious car and top-quality services while controlling their budgets. It is part of the Group’s overall approach to simplify automobility access for Alliance brand customers and bring each one a solution adapted to their needs as well as their resources.