A customized digital solution for used vehicles

DIAC has developed a specific digital solution for used Nissan vehicles in order to integrate the characteristics specific to these vehicles and to the dealerships that may offer them. This simulation module has been available since May on the Nissan Occasions website for all dealers with the “Nissan Intelligent Choice” label (or half the Nissan network). This new offer was introduced a few weeks after the recent launch of the Nissan Intelligent Choice label.

With this digital module, the customer can simulate a financing offer directly via the data sheet of any vehicle in stock, and receive an immediate response in principle.

  • The user can visualize a breakdown of monthly payments from the first time they view the data sheet, and can personalize this offer with their own criteria using the financial simulator: down payment, duration, type of offer, mileage, etc. The simulation can be performed for different types of acquisition, whether purchasing or leasing, which the customer can customize: credit, lease financing, with or without related services, including insurance.
  • Users can obtain an immediate response in principle from this financial simulation, based on information provided in advance, as well as a list of documents they will need to bring to the dealership.
  • Finally, they can ask to be re-contacted by the network, which will receive a summary of their request. The financing application is completed and signed with a dealer.