In line with RCI Bank and Services’ ambition to propose personalized offers to customers of the Renault and Dacia brands, RCI Bank and Services in Italy launched a product combining financing and services called Value Box. With this flexible offer, customers have a choice among four Box options at degressive rates.

For example, customers can obtain one year of car insurance at a rate of 5.99%. The rate goes down to 5.49% with a 5-year warranty extension. The “Enjoy Kasko” Box, the most popular with customers, is an even better deal. It includes one year of car insurance, a 5-year warranty extension, and one year of vehicle damage coverage (called Kasko), all at a rate of 4.99%. Civil liability insurance like that offered with rental cars is also included at the same rate in this last Box.

This is a local initiative linked to the strategy of RCI Bank and Services to develop an innovative offer of products to increase customer satisfaction.