This solution helps achieve a double goal for RCI Bank and Services: help customers who still hesitate to use an electric vehicle and support automaker brands in the energy transition.


Ensuring greater mobility for drivers of electric vehicles

With the VR Liberté offer, customers of an electric vehicle, new or used, can use a combustion-engine relief vehicle for a certain number of days of the year (from 15, 30 to 50 days). Our main offer grants 30 days of relief vehicle per year.

This solution therefore enables customers to do long-distance journeys and/or use a larger vehicle: for example when they go away on holiday or for the weekend, or simply want to enjoy a higher-category vehicle.

The relief car service can be used with other mobility modes. Customers can travel by train or plane in France, and then pick up their VR Liberté on their holiday spot. Thus, this possibility prevents them from getting tired with a long car journey and reduces their carbon footprint.

This service aims to convert more customers to electric cars by removing one major impediment to changing to electric vehicles: their limited range. By overcoming this obstacle, the VR Liberté offer allows drivers to adopt an EV as their main car.


VR Liberté: how it works

The freedom car has been available as an additional option to customers who already have DIAC financing since November 2019. The offer is designed to give customers flexibility, simplicity and freedom.

In practical terms, customers follow three steps to benefit from the VR Liberté service:

  • They get in touch with the booking platform at least 3 days (72 hours) before the date they need the car by ringing a dedicated hotline, open Monday to Saturday (9am-9pm).
  • Customers give their registration number and contact details; no other supporting document is required.
  • The vehicle is provided in mainland France. For insurance reasons, they can drive the relief vehicle in countries covered by the international green card car insurance scheme.


A fixed rate all year long

The service has a monthly price that does not vary, regardless of the period in which the relief vehicle is used. The car is provided with unlimited mileage. Customers have an annual relief vehicle day account, which they can choose to change whenever their contract is up for renewal (anniversary date).

Customers can choose a formula that varies depending on the category of replacement vehicle and the number of days they want to have available per year (15, 30 or 50 days).

For example, the relief vehicle is available for €20 per month for 30 days per year (ie. €8 per day rental).

Customers can freely choose a relief vehicle ranging from TWINGO to SCENIC/TALISMAN, according to their needs (or equivalent depending on short-term leasing companies' availabilities).


To find out more about the VR Liberté offer, go to the DIAC website: