“Drive a Dacia for the price of a cup of coffee” was the unconventional tack that our French subsidiary, DIAC, decided to take in January 2016. They wanted customers to think about car ownership like an everyday consumer item. Pitching car ownership in euros per day was a convincing formula: Dacia’s retail sales in France rose 13.9% in 2016. The approach has since been duplicated in Belgium and even Spain.

In January 2016 DIAC launched its first lease with purchase option[1] priced in euros per day for Dacia retail clients using an unconventional ad campaign. “Drive a Dacia for the price of a burger” and “Drive a Dacia for the price of a pastry” are just two examples of the slogans that got customers thinking about car ownership like an everyday consumer item. Ads focused on the daily price of leasing a car were also aimed at winning over young consumers, who are less keen on the idea of owning their own car.

Emphatic commercial success for DACIA and DIAC in France

The campaign won over 20,000 new clients in 2016 alone. DIAC’s penetration rate[1] for the Dacia brand rose 7.3 points compared with 2015. Furthermore, the brand’s sales rose 13.9%. The offering is being updated in 2017 to include an optional vehicle maintenance service.

Success of daily prices spreads to belgium and spain

In September 2016 our Belgian subsidiary decided to capitalize on the campaign’s success and launch its own price per day lease. To give the campaign a local touch, ads compared the cost to the price of a waffle. The effort was a success: DIAC’s penetration rate rose to 67% in the period from September to December 2016, compared with 56% in 2015.


In January 2017 our Spanish subsidiary also launched a financing offer expressed in euros per day for Dacia Sandero. In April 2017 RCI Bank and Services Espana’s penetration rate[1] on Dacia Sandero reached 67%, a 9 percentage point increase relative to end-April 2016.


[1] The finance company owns the vehicle, and the client can become the owner by paying the purchase option when the lease ends

[2] Number of Renault vehicle financing contracts / number of Renault vehicles registered.