why join Mobilize Financial Services?

Mobilize Financial Services offers you the passionate experience of working in the banking business while enjoying a central place in the automotive industry.

Joining Mobilize Financial Services is first of all about joining an international group, a subsidiary of Renault Group, a solid bank that also works for Nissan Group and Mitsubishi Motors brands. Our 4,000 employees in 35 countries work together at the service of our customers.

With its expertise in banking, automotive and services, Mobilize Financial Services offers career opportunities in a wide range of professions, and the possibility to grow within the Renault Group. 

It is also about being part of an innovative, customer-centric ecosystem in which you interact in an international environment with people in a wide range of professions, such as: marketing, sales, customer relations, finance, legal, information and digital systems.

For nearly a century, we have facilitated widespread access to the automobile. Today we are maintaining this pioneering spirit to build innovative financial services to create sustainable mobility for all, while caring for all our customers.  

Lastly, it is about acting for collective intelligence.In a human-sized, cross-functional organisation, we encourage initiative, innovation and agile methods. Our committed and enthusiastic teams made up of individuals with highly diverse backgrounds and experiences constitute the richness of our group.

what does it mean to work at Mobilize Financial Services?

Working at Mobilize Financial Services, you will grow your skills as part of professional and committed teams. Learning, sharing, growing and succeeding stand as the four dimensions of the experience we offer to our employees. Fostering cooperation to learn and make progress together at the service of our customers.

Our HR policy is aimed at developing each person’s skills through innovative and varied experiences and rich career opportunities extending across business lines as well as countries.

We are committed to developing our employees’ quality of life at work by changing our ways of working, in terms of methods, tools and work organization. Today, 61% of our employees are working in an entity certified by Great Place To Work. Six subsidiaries are certified by Great Place To Work: France, UK, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. 

Lastly, we seek to involve our employees as much as possible in our strategic thinking. Our employees work together through cross-functional tribes and squads, that are made up of complementary expertises from different countries and levels within the group to achieve shared objectives on strategic matters such as Corporate Social Responsibility, compliance, used cars, artificial intelligence, and at the service of carmaker brands.

the 4 dimensions of the employee experience


Our richly diverse and international team is the foundation of our culture. Listening closely to one another allows us to support professional growth within the group.


Our activity in close collaboration with carmaker brands places collective intelligence and cross-business collaboration at the heart of our working methods, with shared commitments and values.


Facing the priorities of the sector head-on, our group and its business lines provide opportunities for professional growth to all employees, but also mentoring and talent programs. We encourage initiatives to involve teams in the group’s transformation and strategic objectives and we offer them the possibility to gain new expertise through experiences among cross-functional tribes.


Our teams share a strong culture of performance and they are stakeholders in the group's success. Their efforts are valued as much as their results. Employees' quality of life at work, new ways of working and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our ongoing development.