Mobilize Financial Services has developed a financing and services offer to meet the needs of self-employed traders, shopkeepers and small and medium-sized businesses.

Our solutions include the option to finance your vehicles using credit, financial leasing with purchase option, or long-term rental. Depending on the option you choose, you can match it with the services you need: maintenance, relief vehicle, insurance service, etc.

financial leasing

Opting for financial leasing rather than buying a vehicle allows you to spread your costs with monthly payments while still owning the vehicle at the end of the contract.

Mobilize Financial Services has designed a financial leasing offer with purchase option. Customers are free to take up this option at the end of their contract in order to own the vehicle, or give into the temptation of another model...

operational leasing

This leasing option is designed for corporate customers who want to keep control of their costs and get the best services for their new vehicles.

The monthly payment includes services tailored to your vehicles’ usage.

long-term rental

Long-term rental does not include a purchase option. The monthly payment is adapted to your actual vehicle’s usage.

This allows you to include, in a single monthly payment, all the available services, such as maintenance, tires or road assistance. In this way you can control your costs, optimize your fleet and manage it more easily.