at the service of carmakers distribution networks

We are the financial partner of the dealer networks of Renault Group, and we work for Nissan et Mitsubishi dealer networks. We support the brands in their international expansion.

Our main purpose is to ensure and maintain the robust financial health of Renault Group distribution networks in all countries, and for Nissan and Mitsubishi in several countries.

As the number-one financial partner of Renault Group dealerships, we finance everything that is essential to strengthen their long-term success, including new and used vehicles stocks, and spare parts.

To take things further, we are developing digital tools and services to simplify the everyday lives of the distribution networks of Renault Group, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Our goal: assist them to provide their retail customers and corporate customers with adapted offers and services, through a quality omnichannel experience, at the dealership and via digital.

Hence, we put in place digital tools and services dedicated to dealerships: electronic signature, apps with simulators for salespeople, financial products training, financial and commercial dashboard for the dealership, for instance.