In less than four years, RCI Slovenia has won almost one Alliance customer in every two, with an offer built to reflect customer needs. In 2017, it increased its penetration rate by three points with individual customers and six points with local fleets. At the same time, sales of services rose 40% on 2016.


Since its founding, RCI Slovenia has brought customers ‘boxes’ of five services for five years for individual customers.  In 2017, the subsidiary also rolled out operational leasing packages with services for business customers. Results are also good for used vehicles, since sales have risen 23% on 2016. Here again, RCI Slovenia has developed a highly personalized offer: as well as taking advantage of a five-year vehicle warranty, customers can select the services in their box. They can choose between a warranty extension, vehicle insurance and other optional services.

And in 2018? RCI Slovenia is seeking primarily to round out its offer for business customers, by expanding the range of services available.