Renault Group launched “Mobilize” on January 14, 2021, the group's new and fourth brand dedicated to flexible services around mobility, energy, and data to meet the new needs of individuals, companies, cities, and territories that want to adopt more sustainable and shared forms of mobility. Mobilize complies with the new requirements of users and enables the emergence of sustainable energy ecosystems, in line with the Renault Group's objective to achieve carbon neutrality and its aim to develop the value of the circular economy. 

Meet Enrico Rossini, Head of Fleet and New Mobilities, who tells us about the links between Mobilize and RCI Bank and Services. 

What is Mobilize used for and which customer needs does it address?

Mobilize provides solutions for private customers, professionals and public administrations and cities. 

  • “Mobilize for all” covers all the products and services dedicated to private customers looking for a solution adapted to their use. 
  • “Mobilize for business", dedicated to fleets, enables companies to offer mobility solutions to their employees rather than company vehicles. “Mobilize for business” is also aimed at mobility operators (such as car-sharing operators, taxis, or VTCs), allowing the complete delegation of the operational management of the fleet. 
  • “Mobilize for territories” is aimed at public administrations and cities to support them in their transition towards carbon neutrality 

For all, Mobilize offers mobility services (subscription, car-sharing) and energy services (battery installation or recharging solutions) or data services (sale of Fleet Asset and Tracking Management services for fleets), in order to cover the various customer requirements, from one-time use to long-term use. 

How do we work with Mobilize and what is our role?

First of all, we have created an organisation at RCI Bank and Services which reflects the internal organisation of Mobilize 

The role of RCI Bank and Services is to support Mobilize's services. We work on four dimensions for Mobilize: 

  • Financing: the creation of financing offers. 
  • Package: we include services such as extended warranties, maintenance or insurance in the financing. 
  • Operation: in the case of Bipi, for example, all vehicle logistics: delivery, management of fines, end-of-contract appraisal, recovery of the vehicle at the end. 
  • Distribution: in the case of Bipi, the entire customer acquisition part and therefore digital marketing and customer acquisition. 

According to the activities, our degree of intervention will vary. For example, in the area of ultra-flexible automobile1 subscriptions, we have acquired the Bipi company and are active in the four dimensions mentioned above. 

For car-sharing, we operate only on the financing and package. For recharging and energy, we assist customers with the financing of the electric vehicle and recharging. 

What are the first concrete projects to come for rci bank and services alongside mobilize?

One of the key areas is subscription, where we will support Bipi in the deployment of the business in France, Spain, and Italy. We will accelerate our synergies: sourcing vehicles, finding the role of the dealer in the business model, personalising the customer journey, developing subscriptions for new vehicles, and integrating with HeyCar. 


The second key issue is the support for the launch of the new LIMO, the first Mobilize branded vehicle to be launched in 2022.