In a world where societies are aspiring to increased mobility – each with its own infrastructure and needs – we are inspired to see things differently and at a new level. Fostering electric mobility today is not just about supplying cars. It is also about committing to an ecosystem grouping products, services, equipment and uses.

To integrate Renault cars in this ecosystem, we have learned to work with its other constituent businesses. We have formed partnerships in a range of sectors, including energy, and are at the service of governments and cities. These synergies have generated innovative ideas, some of them already impacting the everyday lives of our users.

This is true of "smart charging", which authorizes your electric vehicle to release the energy it has stored – during overloads in the electricity grid – for your consumption at home. By transferring that energy at off-peak hours, it reduces your energy consumption and your electricity bill.

And in turn, the environmental impact of the electric mobility of our customers is reduced. Smart charging is a real asset for users, as well as for society as a whole.

Electric mobility, “electro-mobility”, is an ecosystem with players that interact.