Fifty per cent of Europeans think autonomous driving will free up extra time for other activities in their cars. But what kind of activities exactly? This question, and many others besides, was the focus of a recent Nissan Europe survey, The Nissan Social Index, on the expectations of Europeans regarding autonomous vehicles. Some 6,000 people were interviewed in six countries: France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain and the UK.

One of the main benefits for the Europeans interviewed was health-related. A full 56% think that autonomous vehicles will serve to reduce stress at the wheel and the number of road accidents.


One out of two Europeans also think that autonomous vehicles will give them the chance to do other things apart from driving. Most often, they would use their time to read books (37%) or catch up on the news (37%). Thirty per cent of the Europeans interviewed – and 42% of the British – would use the time spent in their cars to get work done.

Nineteen per cent of the Italians would use the time to learn a new language, while 20% of the Germans said they would have breakfast.

On a lighter note, 35% of the Spanish and French interviewees would take advantage of autonomous driving to take a restful – and completely safe – nap!


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