In order to better meet the new needs and expectations of our customers, the credit card Mobilize Visa Card associated with a revolving credit (formerly Carte Bleue Visa Renault) has been enriched with new functionalities, as well as new advantages for its owner and for the network. 

Available in France, it supports our private customers in their mobility and their access to electric vehicles. It can also allow them to make any purchase in cash by default in accordance with the law, or on credit, whether it is for a car repair or any other everyday expense.  

The launch of this new card is a concrete example of working hand in hand with Mobilize: we have decided to build on the features that have made the card so successful, while enriching it with new options that allow the Mobilize Visa Card to accompany its owner in their daily purchases and e-mobility. This close collaboration is a real asset to Mobilize and Mobilize Financial Services in the development of innovative and sustainable mobility services

Project Manager for payment means at DIAC's marketing department

The benefits?

  • EV friendly: Mobilize Visa Card allows the customer to finance the installation of their home charging solution provided by Mobilize Power Solutions. This solution is offered and sold at the dealership when the vehicle is purchased. Once the charging solution is installed at the customer's home, the customer can pay with the Mobilize Visa Card. 

  • Savings: Mobilize Visa Card offers a 1% cash back function in euros. This means that customers accumulate euros over the course of their purchases, which are then deducted from their refunds. It can be used in stores, online and for ATM withdrawals. 

  • Available in a few days: it is offered at the time of a vehicle purchase and can be issued to any customer who wishes, without the transaction being linked to the purchase of a vehicle or financing. For a DIAC customer, the process can be done through electronic signature. 

  • Dedicated customer experience: an application allows customers to manage their monthly payments and daily expenses easily. 

Mobilize Visa Card, the only card that allows you to recharge your vehicle on the public network in France

Mobilize Visa Card is the first credit card in France that allows you to recharge your electric vehicle on the public network of charging stations. Thanks to the dual-chip NFC and RFID technology, it replaces the Mobilize Charge Pass. 

This new card is part of a complete ecosystem around the electric vehicle set up through the Mobilize brand, to make the mobility of Renault Group customers simple and pleasant every day. 

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Legal information 

- You are committed to a loan. Check your ability to repay before committing yourself.  

- Lender: DIAC S.A., credit institution and insurance intermediary, with a capital of 415 100 500 euros - Head office: 14 avenue du Pavé Neuf - 93168 Noisy-le-Grand Cedex - RCS Bobigny: 702 002 221 - Orias n° 07 004 966 (