This phenomenal growth was a direct result of our Romanian subsidiary’s strategy to start rolling out packaged offers to individual customers in October 2017 and to corporate clients in January 2018.

RCI Banque Romania took inspiration from Box products that were already on the market in Italy and Spain, and were helped by the Product, Studies and Reporting Marketing Department of the Corporate team. In other words, it is an excellent example of successful transversalization of best practices.

In practice, customers were presented with three box offers:

  • “Care-free for three years”: Easy maintenance contract for three years
  • “Care-free for four years”: Easy maintenance contract for four years plus a one-year warranty extension
  • “Care-free for five years”: Easy maintenance contract for five years plus a two-year warranty extension

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The strategy’s success is owed to the boxes’ many advantages to customers, including a fixed interest rate for up to five years and discounted prices on maintenance contracts and warranty extensions, as well as interest-free monthly payments depending on the term of financing and the down-payment.

This approach is part of the Group's ambition to deploy an aggressive service-based strategy.