RCI Bank and Services has been implementing a diversity policy for several years and is working to optimize equal opportunities, remuneration and personal development between women and men.

Today, women count for 53% of RCI Bank and Service total workforce globally.

In 2018, they hold 26% of key positions[1], this is a progression of 2 points compared to 2017 and are particularly represented in these positions in some countries or territories: Russia (50%), Colombia (50%), Nordics[2] (60%), Romania (62%) and Adriatics[3] (67%).

Our ambition is maintaining this ratio between 25% and 30%, it is one of the key ambitions of our plan. We will achieve this target by integrating, in a systematic way, women in succession plans for leadership positions and recruitment strategy.

The company also meets the requirements of balance between men and women on its board of directors with 3 women and 4 men.

Finally, in France, in the framework of the law on the Professional Future, RCI Bank and Services obtain a score of 93 points out of 100 on an index measuring 5 criteria relating to the pay differences between men and women.


[1] Strategic positions [2] Sweden, Denmark [3] Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia