• RCI Mobility, wholly-owned subsidiary of RCI Banque, was established on July 6th, 2015.
  • RCI Mobility’s business aims at developing and managing car-related mobility services, with a particular focus on car sharing.
  • RCI Mobility took over Nissan Europe’s B2B car-sharing activities.


In July 2015, RCI Banque created RCI Mobility, its wholly-owned subsidiary, focusing on developing B2B car-sharing operations, as well as any other mobility-related service. Further to its establishment, RCI Mobility took over the B2B car-sharing business developed by Nissan Europe (Nissan Car Sharing).

The development of RCI Mobility's business will benefit all Renault-Nissan Alliance brands, internationally.

Paolo Colurcio, who previously managed the Nissan Car Sharing business, was appointed General Manager of RCI Mobility.
Patrice Cabrier, VP Customer Operations and Information Systems and member of RCI Banque's Executive Board, was appointed CEO of RCI Mobility.

RCI Mobility’s launching confirms RCI Banque’s ambition to be positioned as one of the main players on the mobility services market. The company intends to become an innovation center for new automobility services for the Alliance’s customers.

With RCI Mobility, we want to help companies offer their employees mobility solutions that are simple, user-friendly and adaptable, to meet their professional and personal needs. This is the first step for RCI Mobility, as it seeks to promote other automobility services. explained Paolo Colurcio, Managing Director of RCI Mobility. 


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