In September 2016 in Sweden and Denmark, RCI Bank and Services Nordic launched Renault Care, an all-new and all-inclusive servicing, maintenance and repair service aimed at simplifying car fleet management for professional customers., the offer was subsequently extended to  private customers in Denmark.

Just over a year after launch, the results are impressive, with the services penetration rate for Renault professional and retail customers having more than doubled, from 2.24% in Q4 2016 to 5.17%  for Q4 2017. The sales volume has increased rapidly: + 356 % in Denmark and +50% in Sweden for the same period. In both countries, nearly half of customers have opted for the stand-alone version (45% in Sweden and 51% in Denmark). This is a really attractive service, offering an “Easy life” experience in the car usage. The customer now knows exactly what he is paying and can make accurate provisions on this from a financial point of view.

The next step forward will be the launch of Care Select, a maintenance product for used cars in Denmark. RCI Bank and Services Nordic is also looking to extend the Dacia Care Pro maintenance offering to Dacia professional customers in both countries.

[1] Stand-alone service: concerns all service or insurance provisions for a retail or a professional customer subscribed without financing.