Switch Car, a service to support the adoption of electric vehicles

Switch Car allows drivers of electric vehicles to access an internal combustion vehicle for a given number of days per year, predetermined according to the option that has been subscribed. This service has existed since the end of 2019 in France under the name VR Liberté and in Spain since July 2020 under the name select N drive. The Switch Car service has also been available in Italy since mid-March, following the launch of Megane E-Tech online.

This solution is part of a twofold objective for Mobilize Financial Services: to support customers who are reluctant to adopt electric vehicles and to support manufacturers, in particular Renault Group, in the transition to electromobility. Switch Car is one of the services developed to remove the obstacles to the adoption of electric vehicles.

A service welcomed by its users

Since its launch in late 2019 in France, the Switch Car service has been convincing its users. According to a customer survey in France, it has been involved in 73% of electric vehicle purchase decisions since its launch.

Almost all customers (99%) have actually used the service and 87% of those who have used it intend to use it again, which is a proof of their satisfaction and the usefulness of the service.

In 2021, 3,700 customers subscribed to this service in France and more than 2,600 in Spain.

Having already been offered in France, Spain and Italy, Switch Car will be introduced in Germany and Belgium in the coming months, to coincide with the launch of Megane E-Tech.

The characteristics and rates of the offer will vary depending on the country.