L'application DIACBOX affichée sur un smartphone
November 20th, 2019

DIACBOX, a mobile app at the service of salespeople

As RCI Bank and Services intends to simplify customer experience through digital tools, our French subsidiary DIAC launched an innovative mobile app for salespeople. Named DIACBOX, this app illustrates our desire to strengthen our link with the carmakers’ distribution networks by helping salespeople daily as they play a key role in a high-quality customer experience.

This app is one of the tools developed by DIAC in order to provide all its customers with a comprehensive digital experience, through projects such as IRIS and IRIS Live, Lizy and renovated customer spaces.

DIACBOX, an app to make salespeople's work easier

DIACBOX is an ergonomic, user-friendly and real-time connected mobile app. It allows salespeople to monitor their portfolio of individual customers and fleets in real time, to obtain approval for companies, and to perform financing simulations. Finally, it gives them access to all kinds of sales information, animations and training tutorials.

DIACBOX is updated on instant basis in order to provide reliable information to its users. Via all its functionalities, it helps salespeople to be fully informed.

This app is accessible on Android and iPhone and its launch will help to further strengthen the connection with the network by assisting salespeople in their daily activities.

DIACBOX involves many advantages for salespeople: it helps them to be even more relevant in their commercial proposals. The app also offers them autonomy in their daily activities by allowing them to monitor portfolios from any device.

The feedback from the network has been very positive, and DIACBOX has already been adopted by 2,300 salespeople, i.e. 54 % of them.