September 01st, 2020

Loopster, the operational leasing offer launched in Brazil

Since March 2020, our Brazilian subsidiary Banco RCI Brasil provides a new offer to its professional and individual customers: Loopster. This new offer brings customers the opportunity to obtain a new car in just a few clicks without worrying about additional fees, vehicle maintenance, insurance or administrative formalities.

A 100% online operational leasing offer

With Loopster, customers can benefit from:

  • A lease contract period of 12, 18 or 24 months, with various mileage options.
  • A fleet management service, including the processing of vehicle documents, registrations and tickets.
  • A complete maintenance pack for the provision of all wear parts and preventive servicing.
  • Telematics connectivity, enabling customers to monitor the mileage and the global position of their vehicles.
  • Insurance, around-the-clock assistance and a replacement vehicle for complete peace of mind.

The platform provides a 100% online customer journey. The latter access their customer area and in just a few steps subscribe to our operational leasing offer:

  1. Choice of vehicle
  2. Choice of services
  3. Financing approval
  4. Contract signature
  5. Vehicle pre-reservation
  6. Contract finalization


To find out more, go to https://loopster.com.br/