For nearly a century, we have been supporting Renault Group brands and also Nissan and Mitsubishi in the worldwide distribution and financing of their vehicles. As a partner who cares for all its customers,​ we build innovative financial services​ to create sustainable mobility for all.

Mobilize Financial Services places customer satisfaction at the heart of its actions: retail and professional customers, car manufacturers and car dealers. To this end, Mobilize Financial Services is focusing on four priorities:

  • Providing more digital journeys to customers via a “phygital” approach that offers them an ultra-personalized purchasing journey, whether they prefer to start the process online and complete it in a dealership, or start it in the dealership and complete it online.
  • Transitioning from selling cars to selling kilometers through the development of offers based on usage, even more flexible with services included, notably using the subscription model.
  • Strengthening and optimizing its economic model while maintaining a high level of profitability, by applying strict control of operating expenses and optimizing the use of primary sources of financing (deposits, senior financing, secure financing.
  • Developing new working methods by drawing on both collective intelligence through agile methods and the implementation of tribes, and the expertise of each employee and their capacity to take risks.

who are we?

Discover the story and the role of Mobilize Financial Services, the financial partner of the brands of Renault Group, and at the service of Nissan and Mitsubishi brands.

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