Renault and Dacia captive in Algeria, RCI Algeria services are the pioneer on the Algerian market in financing.

It was launched in the last quarter of 2006 in partnership with CETELEM Algeria. RCI Algeria Services have succeeded in becoming a key player for retail clients. RCI Algeria Services have also extended its offer to leasing companies through partnership with Maghreb Leasing Algeria. Particularly after the decision taken by the authorities to prohibit consumer credit in 2009. Rehabilitated in 2016 for domestic production was an opportunity for RCI Algeria to relaunch financing solutions to individuals through the partner BNP Paribas El Djazaïr on Renault and Dacia vehicles manufactured at the Oran plant.


RCI Services Algeria

13 route dar beida
zi oued smar

+213 21 51 37 37

Managing Director

Abdelhak Benkhalfa