Lada Finance Maximum full online application
October 18th, 2021

Lada customers in Russia can finance their cars 100% online

In September 2021, RN Bank in Russia launched the full online financing application. It is one step further in the LADA Finance Maximum program[1], after the online pre-acceptance, in July 2020. RN Bank pursues its commitment to making the digital purchase experience faster and easier. 

A 100% digital buying process

Since October 2021, RN Bank in Russia offers full online acceptance for its Lada customers, not only on the manufacturer's website, but also on the dealer's website.

This new option, which is only available with RN Bank, offers a real advantage to customers. They can get completely digitalized credit approval.  From now there is no need to continue the credit approval process with the dealer. Everything is done online.


A simpler and faster solution

The customer's pathway follows the same steps as the pre-acceptance process.

  • The customer goes to the official LADA.RU website or to a dealer's website.

  • He chooses the model he is interested in and selects the options he wants.
  • Once this step is completed, the customer considers the most suitable financing for his needs by selecting the parameters of his future loan.
  • Once all the information has been filled in, the customer receives approval for the loan without having to go to the dealership.
  • The dealer contacts with the customer and arranges the meeting to sign contracts for a vehicle and credit.
  • The customer goes to the dealership and only has to sign sales and credit contracts, when he picks up his vehicle.

The buying path is more digital thanks to RN Bank's solution that allows instant acceptance of the client’s application.

This is an effective way to reach a wider audience as demonstrated by the video created by the LADA and RN Bank teams for this new option release.

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Already promising results

Since last September, there has been a 70 % increase in growth compared to the pre-acceptance option. This channel seems to allow the development of many additional sales. With this further step in the digitalization of its offer, LADA and RN Bank are committed to offering their customers an experience as efficient as the one they get offline.

Despite the geography of the country, customers no longer have to travel long distances to the nearest dealer showroom to get a Bank’s decision about the credit. With online acceptance, the trip is only necessary to sign the contracts and to pick up the vehicle.


[1] Lada Finance Maximum is an official RN Bank credit program for Lada which is focused on balloon offers.