The website addresses Irish customers of the Groupe Renault brands as well as any and all web users potentially interested in a PCP. It provides them with a simulator that estimates the value of their vehicle and finds them offers adapted to their needs and financing capacities. It is a useful tool when choosing one of the options possible at the end of the PCP, be it keeping the vehicle, returning it or buying a new one.


With over 6,000 visitors in the first week after launch in December 2018, the teams at RCI Bank and Services Ireland demonstrated the relevance of their solution. In 2016, 32,000 Personal Contract Plans were sold in the Irish market. With these contracts coming to an end in 2019, the website will help many Irish customers to make the decision that best corresponds to their needs.


[1] Personal Contract Plan: a loan contract with the deferred payment of part of the vehicle value at the end of the contract (“balloon”). This type of financing limits monthly payments compared with a regular loan and brings customers the flexibility to decide at the end of the contract whether to become the owner of the vehicle (after paying the balloon or GMFV*), return it to the dealership or replace it with a new vehicle financed by another PCP.