For this operation, three limited editions were provided for pre-order out of the initial stock:

  • 180 vehicles in France,
  • 30 in Italy,
  • 50 in Germany.

In less than a month, more than 60% of Nissan JUKEs were reserved.

RCI Bank and Services has worked with Nissan for five months, in order to conceive the most suitable solution: pre-authorization without debiting the customer. The pre-authorization expires automatically if the customer does not finalize their purchase within the next 30 days.

An easy reservation in a few clicks

The customer goes to the Nissan website and completes their pre-reservation in four minutes and in just four steps!

  • Step 1: choosing the gearbox. Manual or automatic, the customer can choose the gearbox that best suits their driving style.
  • Step 2: choosing the financing. method Long-term leasing, conventional credit or cash payment, the customer chooses the financing solution that meets their needs. This choice is not definitive; the customer can confirm it or change it during the ordering phase with the dealership.
  • Step 3: defining the delivery location. The customer first chooses the dealership where they would like to make their reservation, then fills out their contact information so that a dealer can contact them in the next 24 hours in order to finalize their reservation.
  • Step 4: making the down-payment. In this last step, a summary of the order is provided to the customer. After validation, the customer proceeds to pay €500 to complete the reservation.