To support the launch of the first vehicle sold under the Renault brand in South Korea, our subsidiary RCI Financial Services Korea has launched an innovative financing offer. Tailored to young professionals, this service offers competitive rates and low monthly payments. The financing offer has already been successful, attracting 40% of Clio buyers.


Based on a low monthly rate of 3.9%, the Clio financing offer also includes payments at half the price of classic automotive hire purchases. The new car replacement program is also included. This insurance enables the customer to exchange the vehicle for a new one within one year if damage amounts to more than 30% of the initial price of the vehicle. A reduction of KRW 100,000 is also offered to customers who take out automotive insurance with AXA, a partner of RCI Financial Services Korea.


This offer, which is 100% flexible, also gives the customer the opportunity to buy-back his/her vehicle at the price specified under the contract, to return the vehicle or even to extend the contract. This flexibility has already won over four out of ten Clio buyers in the first month.